Angel Therapy



Archangels are the loving guardians to all angels and the angelic realm. When I do a reading, I always work with the Archangels. There are times they will prompt me to tell a client to call on them or use their assistance in a particular way. A lot of my clients ask me about the Archangels and who they are and what their functions are. The following is a way to help you in any situation.
You can do every morning or ask a specific question to a challenge that you want more clarity on.
What do my angels want me to know?
Four card spread (choose a deck of choice) I suggest Healing With The Angels by Doreen Virtue
1. The theme of the day
2. Possible block
3. Angels advise helping heal the block or guidance on what you can do better
4. The future result


Chances are that you have heard your angels speak to you already because our angels are always by our side. However keeping up with all of our busy lives and technology-driven society, it might be difficult to pay attention to what the angels are trying to say. Here is some common way in which angels communicate with you. 
Upon wakening, you hear your name called by a voice. Out of nowhere, you detect a strain of beautiful celestial music. You will hear a song repeatedly either in your head or on the radio and there will be a loud, shrill ringing in one ear. You will overhear a conversation in which a stranger says the exact thing that you needed to hear. You just happened to turn on the TV at the precise moment when a relevant discussion is occurring. You hear a deceased loved one’s voice in your mind, in a dream, or outside of your head. The telephone rings no one is there. A disembodied voice giving you a warning. You are looking for a lost item, you pray, then you hear a voice tell you where it is.
A True Angelic Experience Sentences usually begin with the words you or we. There’s a sense that someone else is talking to you even if it sounds like your own voice. It’s readily apparent how the message relates to your immediate concerns or questions.
The voice is blunt and to the point and the sound is loving and positive, and never has an attachment of fear, even if it’s warning you of


When I first started connecting with the angels, I began to notice a lot of signs, one of them being numbers. When you see numbers repeating in sequences throughout your day or week, it IS a message, and the angels are trying to get your attention. Pay attention to the sequences of the numbers and how often a day you are seeing them.

Many times we are caught up in our daily lives and don’t realize how many messages we are being sent each day. It’s not only angels that send us these messages, but it can be our loved ones on the Other Side or a guide as well. Numbers are usually the ones most people recognize in the beginning of their personal spiritual journey. When you start to acknowledge these signs, you will be amazed at the transformation that can take place in your life. Spirit is always communicating with us and wants us to know that we are not alone. 

Below is a basic number guideline and there are many sources online that you can refer to for additional meaning.


0 – This is a message of unconditional love from the creator. Always know that you are very, very loved 🙂

1 – Watch your thoughts. What you are thinking is creating your reality so stay positive!

2 – Stay strong and keep the faith that everything’s going to be okay. Everything is always working in Divine order.

3 – Ascended Masters are with you and helping you. This could mean Jesus, a saint, or a spiritual/religious figure you feel close to.

4 – This is the Angel number 🙂 The number 4 appears to let you know the angels have you heard your prayers and are working to assist you.

5 – This means a positive change is coming or is occurring, always for the best. Even if it doesn’t appear obvious, there is a reason for this change.

6 – Release any fears or worries about money or the material world to God (Source and/or the Universe) and the angels. Remember to focus on what you want, not the lack.  Worrying creates an energetic block.

7 – This is a number for encouragement, that you’re on the right path and to keep going! 

8 – Signifies abundance and prosperity. The number 8 represents the infinity sign, meaning there is always an infinite amount of money, time or whatever you need right now.

9 – Get to work on your life purpose right now! Take action now because you have everything you need to achieve your goals.