Aerolase Laser ND-YAG


The Most Comfortable Laser

Are you ready to experience comfortable and complete skin rejuvenation? Aerolase has established a new standard for gentle yet effective laser treatments on all skin types with the LightPod family of aesthetic medical lasers. Clinical research has enabled us to provide a wide range of treatments with patented 650-microsecond 1064nm and 300-microsecond 2940nm laser technology. This offers patients the safest, gentlest and most pleasant non-invasive laser treatments available. 

Aerolase Light Pod Era (Erbium Laser)

For The Serious Result Based Client With Little Downtime

Do you want to restore volume in the midface region that is oftentimes lost due to aging? This anti-aging remedy is an effective means to restore the “apples” in your cheeks as a volumizing and lasting effect for up to 12-24 months. 

SoulScapes Client Laser Micro Peel Timeline: Day 1 - 6

Day 1

It’s been about 24 hours since my treatment. My face feels tight and dry but I’m keeping it moisturized. I don’t feel the sunburned sensation anymore and my face is not as red…more splotchy and pink than red. My face is kind of itchy in some areas and that’s probably the most uncomfortable part. I’m noticing that my dark spots are becoming more obvious. The spots that were already brown have gotten darker. The discoloration that I had that seemed deeper in my skin is coming to the surface and looking pinkish/light brown.

Day 2

It’s now been about 48 hours since the treatment and my face is very itchy! It also is feeling very tight and looks “creepy”. It’s peeling around my mouth and nose. It actually looks better in pictures than it does in real life. I’d say that today is the most uncomfortable I’ve felt, simply because of how much I’d love to itch my face! Looking back on yesterday’s picture, I just noticed how dark the area was around my mouth. It’s all peeling today and much lighter.

Day 3

It’s been about 72 hours since the treatment now. The “super itchiness” has subsided although my face still feels dry and tight. I was allowed to start using my normal face wash regimen today so my face feels better. I didn’t like using the jelly as it just felt gross to me and sat on top of my skin although I’m sure it was doing its job and keeping my skin as moisturized as possible. My skin hasn’t changed much—still peeling, still “creepy”. I think my brown spots may have gotten darker. I can see that my discolored parts of my skin have risen to the surface and I’m seeing my skin sort of start to harden around those areas so I’m hopeful that they will flake off! The areas of my skin that I can see that have had the top layers flake off look pink and smooth.

Day 4

My face is lightening up as the dead skin flakes off. My forehead and cheeks are now peeling in addition to around my mouth. I’m really pleased to see that most of the dark spots that are peeling off are leaving behind new, clear skin. In a few cases, they are leaving pinkish spots that are the same shape as the dark spots. I’m not sure if they’ll eventually peel off or if that means they need another round with the laser.

Day 5

My face peeled A LOT last night and this morning and there are now very few spots that need to slough off. The skin underneath is light pink and brighter. At this point, I really can’t say if it’s an improvement from before as some dark spots are still there. My forehead is also still darker than the rest of my face. I’ll try not to worry too much because my face isn’t done peeling yet and part of this treatment includes salt facial which may get me to where I want to be!

Day 6

My face peeled a lot more again when I was in the shower and I think I’m done peeling! It definitely looks lighter and brighter although I still have some brown spots that I was hoping would go away with this treatment. My pores seem much smaller and my skin feels really smooth. I’ve been using the face wash kit that I ordered from Tracie and I love how it makes my skin feel and look.

SoulScapes Client Laser Micro Peel Timeline: Day 12

Overall, I’d recommend this treatment. It was really easy—wasn’t very uncomfortable during treatment. By day 5, I was out without makeup. I think my skin will continue to improve over the next few weeks. I do really want to get rid of my sunspots so if they haven’t faded enough in a month or so, I may ask if it’s a good idea to go get the same treatment again.