Angelic Life Reading


If you are searching for your life’s purpose or have questions like, “Why do I feel miserable at my job?” or “Why don’t I feel fulfilled in life?” a Life Purpose reading may be the answer. You will have more clarity about your career and spiritual path. Each of us has an important purpose; find out what yours is today.

Mediums receive and channel information from the souls who have left the physical world. I am what’s known as a mental medium, where I use my skills of Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear sensing) and Clairaudience (clear hearing). If you are looking to communicate with a loved one who you have lost, a mental medium channeling could benefit your coping with your loss. As within my scope of expertise, I also recommend seeking grieving counseling to help support the grieving process if necessary. My readings are for the sake of healing from the loss and encourage you to embrace life with support from your loved ones from the other side. For the best outcome of a channeling session, come with an open heart and mind. Wanting to hear from a specific loved one, or a “Code Word,” could block certain messages from coming through. Just ask the spirit to come through and they will.

Angelic Reading

A one-hour healing session one-on-one can be done in my office. Let the angels and loved ones who have crossed over bring you messages so you can heal and carry out your life’s mission and purpose. Let the angels help you orchestrate your life to be more fulfilling and emotionally joyful. The angels want you to know you are never alone and are fully supported in life. These sessions are promoted on an advisory basis. You have the gift of free will, so the outcome is always in your hands. It’s up to you if you choose to listen or ignore the advice. Please come to the session with an open heart and be receptive to hearing the messages the angels provide. $200 and up