The goal is for you to gain direct experience of yourself as a soul journeying and growing through time towards healing.

Are you searching for focused awareness? Hypnosis allows you to focus inward to access your past life memories or any future memories. Yes, you will be hypnotized. But it is a surprisingly light trance state. You still can be aware that you are lying on my table fully clothed in my office, that a bird is chirping outside, or an airplane is flying overhead, while at the same time you are completely engrossed in the past life memory.

To help you focus inward, I will guide you to focus on the rhythm of your breathing while relaxing your entire body. By focusing on your breathing, you fall gently into a light trance state. So in a sense, you don’t go “under” hypnosis; you are simply relaxing. As you relax, I encourage you to be aware of your inner images, feelings and physical sensations.

Most memories that surface in past-life therapy are of past life trauma, usually a traumatic death. By exposing these painful memories to the light of awareness, and understanding the context of the past life, the emotional intensity loses its grip. We can finally let go of the past and move forward in our lives. We feel lighter as if a burden has been lifted. We can lose that weight, release unwanted stress and anxiety, and move on in this life.

This is the heart of the work: to heal the deepest part of us, the soul. You will not get “stuck” in these traumatic memories. I am there to guide you through the experience so you can get the full benefit of the process. Sometimes the healing is immediate and dramatic or it can be more subtle and noticeable over time.

After the regression, you will remember everything you experienced. Over time, new layers of insight and understanding
emerge spontaneously.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy will break your negative cycle of weight gain and replace mental negativity with positive thoughts and turn that into weight loss. It also can unblock the destructive thought patterns which weigh us down and make us hold on
to weight.


Negative emotions can block us from moving forward in all areas of our lives. NLP is a treatment that can also can help you move forward and break through limiting belief patterns by removing them from the unconscious mind.

Future Life

Using the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and future distance healing through Reiki, we can set the intention and draw to you what you desire. Your dream will come true, you will find purpose, and you will reinforce your life’s plan.