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Do you want to achieve your desired look in a private, professional setting? Laser treatments are performed while you bask in a very relaxed mental state. You also will be surrounded by the healing light of Reiki energy, which mentally and physically helps you to relax even more. The highly sophisticated laser can remove visible fine lines, blood vessels, age spots, acne, hair, and rosacea without damaging surrounding tissues. Typically, patients need to come back for follow-up treatments, but they usually can see significant results at their first visit. It is important to talk with a specialist to learn more about your specific treatment. We offer free consultations, so take control and have the clear skin you desire.

The LightPod Neo laser is the safest and gentlest aesthetic laser available. Its unique Micropulse-1064 technology delivers energy to the skin 30-50 times faster than other lasers. Patients of all skin types can receive safe, gentle and effective treatments without the use of messy cooling gels or anesthetics. The laser solely uses a beam of light to touch the skin. The Neo’s pulse effectively targets tissue structures without causing any damage to the surrounding skin – resulting in the highest levels of treatment, comfort, safety and efficacy. The LightPod Neo is FDA-approved for more than 30 medical and aesthetic applications.

The LightPod Era combines the precision of full-area erbium resurfacing with the minimal, if not lesser, downtime of fractional resurfacing technology. This results in better patient outcomes in just a single treatment. The LightPod Era precisely controls each pulses’ depth of ablation. The uniform penetration across the treated area eliminates collateral damage to the surrounding tissue, minimizing the skin’s recovery time. Additionally, the depth control allows practitioners to customize every treatment to each patient’s needs, whether it be single indication or a combination of superficial and more profound concerns.

The LightPod Era is a highly versatile resurfacing tool with an unmatched margin of safety. This allows practitioners to artistically address the patient’s anti-aging concerns in a single treatment session, with profound results and minimal downtime.

We note that prices vary due to the client’s needs. Therefore, prices are not listed. Reserve a consultation to find out which therapy works best for you.

Skin Tightening

Are you ready to experience a unique, noninvasive skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment? The LightPod Neo stimulates healthy collagen and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. This process will help firm healthy skin, get rid of any red and brown spots, and help fill in wrinkles without any patient downtime. Only a beam of laser light touches the skin for the most pleasant treatment available. Typically, several series of treatments spaced out over a 6-month period are recommended to deliver remarkable results. Each person and their skin condition, age, and response to laser treatment will determine the number of treatments. The laser ND YAG 1064 is an FDA-approved device that provides superior treatments to help lift and tighten the skin. These treatments are comfortable and are perfect for the sagging skin on the face, neck, arms and chest. There is no downtime needed so you can go back to your normal activities as soon as you walk out the door. Many patients say it feels like a hot stone facial massage.

Profound Ablative Rejuvenation

The LightPod Era represents a new revolution in skin rejuvenation as a high-precision 2940nm laser that delivers high-fluence in a collimated beam. It utilizes a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. The Era uniquely allows for independent depth of ablation of shallow or deep indications (plus, a non-ablative mode) within a treatment site, as well as precision targeting of difficult contours of the nose and periocular areas. These controlled pulses allow for full ablation of the epidermis without damaging the dermis, which eliminates pinpoint bleeding, oozing, and excessive amounts of downtime while still achieving the stunning results historically only seen with C02 lasers.

Laser Acne Removal

Is your acne out of control? Acne is the most common skin disorder. It affects approximately 80% of people, especially those from ages 11-25. Many continue to have acne way into their 40s and later. Acne is caused when pores become clogged and then infected with the p. acnes bacteria. It is not always caused by poor diet or lack of hygiene. The laser light heats up the affected area to effectively kill the p. bacteria while also helping to shrink the sebaceous glands. This causes the glands to produce less oil, limits future outbreaks and reduces pore size. Acne therapy is gentle and can be performed on most skin types. The laser also treats scarring from acne. It is required if taking Accutane that you are off medicine for at least 6 months. If using any Retinol products, it is recommended you be off them for at least 2-3 days.

Clearance of acne typically takes up to four treatments for the best results. There is a risk of not growing a beard after a facial treatment or patchy hair in treated areas, particularly for men with facial hair.

6 Things You Should Know Before
Getting A Laser Peel

So, you want to make an appointment for a laser peel but are nervous too? Hi, I’m Tracie Ullman, founder of SoulScapes Reiki Laser Skin. I want to tell you — not only are laser peels important in maintaining the health of your skin, but they are also one of the most effective facial treatments. Laser peels can be used to correct issues such as uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and even acne. Another wonderful asset of a laser peel is that it’s available for every skin type. Most people are intimidated by laser treatments because of the things they have seen and heard on the Internet. There really isn’t a need to be intimidated. Here are six things you need to know beforehand to ensure the best experience (and results!) possible:

Vessel Removal (Spider Veins)

The LightPod Neo is able to safely treat a broad range of visible blood vessels from angiomas and spider veins to large leg veins. The Neo delivers a pulse of laser energy, which will cause the blood within the vein to coagulate. This destroys the vessel and in turn it’s absorbed by your body over several weeks. Your skin is left looking rejuvenated and youthful. No matter what part of your body is affected, the LightPod Neo can safely and effectively take care of unwanted vein problems.


Rosacea affects more than 16M Americans and commonly runs in the family. Blood vessels that dilate too easily cause redness and the flushed look on the skin. Microscopic, harmless mites live on your skin. Some people are more sensitive than others to them.

What Triggers Rosacea?
  • Sunlight
  • Hot or cold temperatures
  • Wind
  • Stress
  • Hot baths
  • Hot or spicy food or drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Intense exercise
What is the top treatment for Rosacea?

Soulscapes offers treatments utilizing the Neo Elite skin by Aerolase

The laser light destroys the blood vessels  and surpasses inflammation to remove redness. The new laser emits pulses of light that targets inflammation and blood vessels on the dermis and epidermis. The heat from the laser’s energy builds in the vessels, causing them to be erased.

Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, is an infection of the toenail in which the nail changes color, thickness and quality.  In addition of causing an unhealthy appearance, it can cause pain and difficulty walking. 
Laser treatment for nail fungus is safe, quick and highly effective.  Most patients are able to be clear of their infection with only one or two treatments.  Laser procedures for nail fungus are proven to be a much safer and effective method as compared to oral medications or topical creams.   One of the key aspects of eradicating nail fungus is to achieve penetration of the laser energy into the nail bed.  This area needs significant heating to ensure the fungal material is destroyed, which requires a deep-heating and powerful laser.  The LightPod Neo offers patients the ideal laser for such treatment.  After the treatment, patients are able to resume their daily activities as normal.

Results are not immediate, as it takes anywhere from 3-12 months for the new, non-infected nail to grow.  It is recommended that patients follow a preventive care regiment to avoid reinfection:

Real clients Real Results. Most clients see results with 1-3 treatments with the Aerolase Neo Clear Laser.