become a vip member

SoulScapes Holistic Spa treatments are result-driven. To prolong results, we recommend participating in a preventative membership program. On monthly basis, you may choose from facial, body or Aesthetic Rejuvenation treatments. Call or visit for more information.



As a Diamond member, you’ll receive 250 points for $250 per month. (you save 10% on all menu items)



As a Titanium member, you’ll receive 175 points for $175 per month (you save 7% on all menu items)



As a Platinum member you’ll receive 99 points for $99 per month (you save 5% on all menu items)

loyalty program

When you become a SoulScapes Spa member, you will automatically be enrolled in the Loyalty Program! The Loyalty Program allows you to earn points for a wide range of activities you make at SoulScapes. The points can be applied to gifts of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I let someone else use it?

Yes, if for some reason you cannot visit us one month, simply notify us in writing and provide us the name of the person you would like to send in your place. Or, we can give you a gift card to provide them.

Can I freeze my membership?

Membership may be placed on hold for 2 moths and seasonal members may be activated with a small activation fee.

How do I pay?

To simplify the process and make your experience hassle-free, we set up an automatic payment on your credit card.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract, no strings attached. We are confident that you will love your membership, however, should you decide to discontinue, simply provide us a 30-day notice and it will be stopped. If you stop the membership and there is money left in the account, you will be charged back your discounts received within a 12 month period.