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SoulScapes Holistic Spa treatments are result-driven. To prolong results, we recommend participating in a preventative membership program. Each customer’s needs are different, so each membership starts with a consultation to build out the correct course of treatment to reach your goals.

How Memberships Work & Value Added Benefits

The monthly membership fee is deducted off the services fee at the time of your visit, and then you earn points towards future visits.

PLUS! When you refer a friend for a membership – receive 500 pts added instantly to your account!

As a VIP member, you will also be the first to be invited as a SoulScapes model for demonstration of treatments at special events and open houses!

Membership Benefits Points (MBPs)

How It Works

SoulScapes Membership Benefit Points (MBPs) are used as incentives to encourage customers to use their visits continuously in order to see lasting results. MBPs are a combined value of product partner rewards and SoulScapes holistic treatment benefits. For example, each of our product partners offer reward points that accumulate in order to provide more value to customers that use them most often. Each membership type may use various products in addition to holistic practices to achieve results. For that reason, Soulscapes has created a custom point system for each membership to maximize the value of continuous visits to reward customers not only with visual results, but with money in their pockets too. 

MBPs can be accrued up to a maximum of 1600pts in a 12 month period.



Membership: $150/month

When you experience acne, whether it’s chronic or a flare up, it affects your confidence. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix when dealing with cystic or hormonal acne. At SoulScapes, we believe in treating acne as naturally as possible to allow the body to heal from within. Our hydro medical treatments can start getting the red out quickly, and in time, give you the clear skin and confidence you are looking for, without harsh chemicals!

The key to long lasting results is to keep up with ongoing treatments and maintenance. If you are ready to kick the over the counter treatments to the curb and go for lasting results, this membership program is for you.

MBP Offer:



Membership: $250/month

With age comes wisdom, and unfortunately for many of us, that wisdom is a little too visible! For those of you that wish to put your best face forward SoulScapes has designed a membership program specifically for the retrieval and maintenance of a youthful appearance. Each client receives a customized plan to suit their goals, including medspa treatments to address not just your face but your whole body!

While immediate results can be seen with sporadic sessions, long lasting results are only achieved when you maintain regular visits to address your goals. If you have tried medspa treatment before and loved the result, this membership is perfect for you to keep seeing those glowing results.

MBP Offer:



Membership: $200/month

As holistic practitioners, SoulScapes believes that true lasting healing starts within. When we carry our past with us, our daily lives can suffer from mental, physical and spiritual traumas.  True transformation is possible and quite within reach, when you are ready and willing to open your heart.

If you’ve never experienced holistic healing through reiki, angel readings or empowerment coaching, SoulScapes offers introductory sessions to assist with removing blockages that stand in the way of living your life to the fullest. Lasting transformations take time, and can be difficult when we face down our deepest fears. But you absolutely do not need to be alone. It is our privilege to have been called to guide you through the journey within yourself.

MBP Offer:

loyalty program

When you become a SoulScapes Spa member, you will automatically be enrolled in the Loyalty Program! The Loyalty Program allows you to earn points for a wide range of activities you make at SoulScapes. The points can be applied to gifts of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I let someone else use it?

Yes, if for some reason you cannot visit us one month, simply notify us in writing and provide us the name of the person you would like to send in your place. Or, we can give you a gift card to provide them.

Can I freeze my membership?

Membership may be placed on hold for 2 moths and seasonal members may be activated with a small activation fee.

How do I pay?

To simplify the process and make your experience hassle-free, we set up an automatic payment on your credit card.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract, no strings attached. We are confident that you will love your membership, however, should you decide to discontinue, simply provide us a 30-day notice and it will be stopped. If you stop the membership and there is money left in the account, you will be charged back your discounts received within a 12 month period.