Chakra Balancing


A portal between the physical and spiritual plane, a chakra balance gives you the opportunity to grow, heal, and transform.

Four Reasons Why You Need A Chakra Balancing

Complimentary Chakra Book

Balance your chakra book will give you insight on how to bring balance to your chakra system by using crystals and daily activities to center align and balance your chakra’s.

Wheels of Light

Components of your energy field are affected by traumas, stress, and illness in this and other lifetimes. These can be cleared and repaired with grid and chakra work, enhancing and freeing your energy.

Vibrational Healing

Sound has the capacity to change form at the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual levels, and also all these levels simultaneously.In this way we may influence our healing towards the attainment of a higher consciousness and a healthy physical form.